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A ventilation system is technology that provides the possibility for effective airflow to occur within the home. These set-ups are fantastic additions to the home that can greatly improve living conditions for the whole family. Here at Redline, we’re able to supply a leading range of home ventilation systems from SmartVent that will provide you with cleaner and healthier air.

Breathe Easy in Your Home

These systems work through drawing air, warm or cold, depending on the setting put in place, and supplying it to areas of the home that are not being provided with a fresh air source. With the implementation of this apparatus you can expect a warmer home in winter, a cooler fresher home in summer and a mould and condensation-free home all year round.

Ventilation Solutions

Getting an HRV system in your home will create a comfortable environment for you to live in. SmartVent solutions can offer you non-invasive ventilation that substantially decreases the possibility for moisture build-up. Redline can improve your home with this tried and tested product so you can immediately experience the benefits of fresh, dry air in your place.

Feel the Benefits

We spend a lot of time in the home. Relaxing, enjoying time with family and experiencing the pleasures your house can offer you is important in day-to-day life. So it should be a priority the areas you spend most of your time are healthy and support a great lifestyle. The air we breathe needs to be clean with an efficient ventilation system, we can make this possible.

Healthier Homes With Redline

A ventilation system can drastically reduce the undesirable effects of constantly inhaling low quality air. Asthmatics will especially feel the benefits of one of these systems and with our help we can ensure you and your family will always have a healthy air supply in the home. Your place will never fall victim to mould or other damp conditions that are detrimental to your wellbeing again.

Mould forms when the environment is humid, damp or leaky. Moist air that is stagnant in the home will promote the growth of fungus that can have some really unpleasant effects on those living close to it.

In your home you want to make sure that the conditions are kept well-ventilated and airflow is sufficient to prevent these situations. With room-to-room ventilation you will greatly improve indoor air quality, supplying your family with a healthy environment to live in.

Our Ventilation Services

SmartVent is a company that creates efficient ventilation systems for the home that are effective in supplying fresh air for the entire space. They provide a range of equipment specialised to enhance the air quality of your home. With a proven track record of offering great products, the team at Redline are proud to be able to supply and install them in homes around Auckland.

The technology SmartVent supplies is specialised to optimise ideal air quality and circulate it through the home to reduce humidity and take advantage of warm and cool air. They offer a range of add-ons that can help you control the air input into your home and therefore place the power of maintaining the right kind of air in your hands.

SmartVent’s ventilation systems are great because they draw fresher, drier air from outdoors and after passing it through a high efficiency filter, bring it into your home. Through this method you can be sure the air supply in your home is clean and healthy, rather than stale and moist.

We Use the Best Products

It’s a highly efficient system that Redline is proud to endorse and offer our clients. Through our expert installation your home will be well ventilated, allowing your family to enjoy the benefits of clean, dry air.

Everybody loves to get outdoors and breathe the fresh air nature offers. Forest walks and beaches give us the pleasure of experiencing unpolluted oxygen that we all feel good about inhaling. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that feeling from the comfort of your home?

Through the implementation of a SmartVent ventilation system this really is possible. A fresh air supply can give your family an uncountable amount of health benefits. From a better smelling room to relief from allergies, asthma and headaches, after installing an efficient ventilation system you will never look back.

What to Expect From us

We’re specialists in the supply and install of the SmartVent ventilation system and we can ensure your new unit is installed and functioning correctly. Redline are more than happy to assist you in your mission to a healthier and happier home.

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With our experienced team you can trust we can carry out the job you require to a high standard and at a competitive price. We service the wider Auckland region and pride ourselves on the workmanship we undertake. Get in touch with us today to see what we can offer you and your home.