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Your Trustworthy Local Electrician

As a locally owned electrical and security company, the Redline team pride ourselves on providing a high quality standard of service. When building or renovating your home you need to know the advice and workmanship you receive from your electrician is of quality and guaranteed.

We appreciate such an investment in your home is both exciting and stressful and our aim is to make this a good experience. You have a dream of what things will look like, and we’re here to make it a reality.

Our dependable team is built on a grassroots foundation of experience and character. Equipped with fully stocked vans that use GPS for quick and efficient work with accurate pricing.

Our Auckland electrical services focus mainly on the needs of your home. Our work ranges from new home builds to renovations, alterations and extensions. We’re able to help you fix any repairs or faults (including ovens and hot water issues), deal with both indoor and outdoor lighting and installation jobs – both big and small. From minor issues like electrical power points, sockets and outlets to a complete house rewiring, Redline Electrical & Security are your guys when it comes to electrical work around your home.

Hire a Registered Electrician You Can Trust

Hire a Registered Electrician You Can Trust

In New Zealand, we love our DIY. It’s almost every dad’s favourite pastime. But with electricity, you could be playing Russian roulette with the wires if you don’t know what you’re doing. Messing with power is dangerous, which is why our guys are trained so meticulously in their fields and always uphold high standards in their work.

Registered electricians are trained, licensed and quality-assured by a certificate of compliance and electrical safety certificate, which can be issued on completion. When you work with a registered electrician you can trust the work they do is of a high standard and guaranteed to be certified and safe. Not all electricians are registered, that’s why it’s important to check who you’re hiring, and ensure they’re an expert – it’ll save you money in the long run. You can trust that the work done by our team is safe, tested and reliable.

Why Hire a Redline Electrician?

Choosing Us

Doing work around the home can be stressful, so it’s important to choose carefully when selecting a tradesperson to help you out. Choosing the right sparky can keep everything running smooth and worry-free. These are the things Redline can offer you:

  • Our Experience and Qualifications
    A seasoned electrician is a practical choice, ensuring your contractor is confident and secure in their ability will provide you with the peace of mind you need when hiring somebody. Redline electricians are highly skilled in their fields with a great backing of experience and knowledge. Under the safety umbrella of experience, an electrician is able to provide essential knowledge of electrical systems and you can trust their work is of a high standard. Always ask to check your electrician’s credentials and ensure they’re registered and licensed for the work they’re tasked with. When you go with Redline you can be sure that your tradesman will know exactly what they’re doing.
  • Check Our Credentials
    There’s no shame in asking to check your electricians’ valid license. This guarantees your tradesperson is covered for the work they’re about to perform for you. We encourage you to double-check your worker is qualified and up to the job. Always make sure to check for dates, expiries and if they carry the insurance required for the tasks undertaken. It’s also handy to do a quick online checkup if you’re unsure about anything. Our employees are licensed for the necessary tasks they take on. Check out the electrical workers registration board public register to confirm the person that’s carrying out the prescribed electrical work is qualified to.
  • Redline Electrical Pricing
    Shop around to get an idea about the general cost of the work you need to be done. This will help you to understand the going rate for the job. Communication is important here with the electrician and it’s necessary you are clear about what exactly you’re looking for and what you need done.

That’s why we always keep our lines of communication open, we’re happy to answer any questions you have through email or by phone. It’s also important to remember cost isn’t everything, quality is important when dealing with electrical work and at times it may be necessary to pay slightly more for quality and certification. Redline Electrical’s prices are guaranteed to be competitive and you can be assured that you’re getting what you pay for.

What Our Customers Say About Redline Electrical

One of the simplest and most helpful ways of deciding on an electrician (or any other tradesperson) is to see what other people’s experience of them has been. Through reading feedback you’re able to see an unfiltered and honest account of the electrician’s work. We have a great feedback page to view with references from our previous customers.

Feedback will help you assess whether you’d like to hire the contractor and whether they are suitable for you. Knowing that somebody has already had a good experience with the tradesman’s work will provide you with a good peace of mind that the electrician is legitimate. Redline Electrical can supply you with a bunch of happy customer’s reviews for your peace of mind.

Talk To Us

Communication is essential in this line of work; it’ll allow both you and the tradesman to ensure you are both on the same page. Miscommunication is not something you want during the project, so it’s important to assess the electrician’s attitude and how they deal with you. We always make sure to keep in contact with you and make sure the services we provide are up to your standard, as well as ours.

Confidence and understanding in the tradesman’s work will provide you with a good experience at the end of the day. Our team at Redline Electrical is always happy to touch base and keep everything running smoothly.

After you’ve followed the important steps of checking for experience and certification, checking references and comparing price ranges, you’ll be ready to make a decision about which Auckland electrician you should hire. Under the protection of these guidelines you can feel safe in your decisions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions about our services.

What to Expect From Us

The Good Electricians Checklist

  • Our electrician will be qualified. They will be able to show you their licencing information and accreditation with the Electrical Workers Registration Board. This will provide you with assurance that your electrician is up to date with regulations and the code of practice
  • Our guy will be insured for any work they are undertaking. This requires you to be clear in your communication of any projects you wish to be performed in your home. Insurance protects both you and the electrician against any damage or injury while the task is underway
  • We will be clear in our costs. Tradespeople charge for their travel costs and these need to be added to the overall cost of the project. Often times a contractor may need to damage your existing property to gain access to wiring or other electrical systems. The worker will most likely not repair these so you may need to assess these hurdles
  • Safety will be the primary concern of the electrician, for you, for your home and us. Our trained Auckland Electricians are always aware of protocols and procedures that need to be stuck to in order to maintain high standards
  • They will have a good attitude. Don’t settle for a grumpy or unpleasant tradesperson. You have the freedom in your decision to choose someone that is amicable to deal with. Nobody wants to have a miserable person in his or her home; this will also help you to feel comfortable in a situation where communication is essential. With Redline you can rest assured that your electrician is happy to be assisting you in your electrical needs

Redline Electrical are keen to help with your electrical requirements. Our trained electricians are equipped to handle your home safely and provide you with the assurance necessary for the work undertaken in your home. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss what we offer or check out our testimonials and services under our About Us page for more information.