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Home Security Systems Auckland NZ

We at Redline Electrical & Security specialise in top of the line alarm and monitoring systems, for both residential and commercial settings. Whether you’re taking care of business or in your home with your family, we know the importance of providing the best protection possible for the things that really matter. A Redline monitored security system can give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe and secure.

The ability to check the status of your home or office at anytime, anywhere you are is priceless. With our system you can ensure your loved ones are safe, in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are in the world; placing control of your safety back in your hands. Our hardwired and wireless options make it possible for you to enjoy knowing that your priorities are kept safe.

What We Can Offer

Our services range from a variety of burglar alarms to a full perimeter security system, so we’re able to accommodate for a range of budgets and needs. We can cover a solution for any security issue you may be facing with the ability to supply internal and external motional sensors, panic and duress alarms, as well as heat detection systems. Our skilled team can supply, install and service advanced intruder detection systems and fire alarms that guarantee the safety of your property.

Our View On Security

Specialised security services provide personalised options for keeping you safe on your property. Through systems that allow the monitoring, prevention and response to any anti-social activity on your location we can maintain a secure environment for your home and office. These are our focus points when supplying security to you:

  • A tailored option for any required service. Every location is different, that’s why when selecting a security system it needs to be specific to your needs and requirements. There’s no compromising when it comes to safety and we always endeavor to fulfill the particular wishes of our clients.
  • Sophisticated and functioning security systems. Technology can be tricky at times and in situations where utilities may fail you, we are quick to respond to necessary fixes and callouts. The systems we use are high quality and fit for security practice.
  • Trust and respect. When employing the service of a security system it’s essential you’re able to rely on the equipment you’re purchasing. Our team is experienced and prepared to protect your home and office with our knowledge on security. With Redline you can be sure your locations are secured and safe under our extensive watch.

Crime can strike anyone, regardless of who they are, what they do or where they live. Security is the action of reducing the possibility the undesirable will happen to a person or property. Redline provides experienced and detailed focus on the protection of the things that matter to you. With the employment of our services you can be sure your security system is in good hands.

High Quality Security and Alarm Systems Auckland

In our country the idea of a security system is a relatively new tool that was previously reserved for the well off. But with the rising accessibility of affordable technology and the increasing crime rate in New Zealand, it has become possible and necessary to ensure you protect yourself against the people that wish harm to you. A security system is a procedure we can help you put in place that’s designed to prevent intruders, alert you in times of emergency and ultimately keep you safe.

Personalised Safety Packages

The cost of security can be a big deterrent for many customers. However, here at Redline we can provide you with a range of options to suit your pocket. You shouldn’t have to compromise on safety. By offering a variety of packages, from large to small we give our customers the best value for their situation.

Mobile Monitoring of Your Home

Our home security systems are the best choice for your residence due to our reliable service, our variety of options and the quality of the products we use. With the installation of one of our systems you will have live surveillance of your property, giving you the ability to keep an eye on your loved ones and valuables. Choosing the best home security system can prevent you from going through the grief of falling victim to crime. Personal protection is essential in your home and we understands this. Our team consistently strives to provide the best possible option for your home or office, and with our service you can be certain we have a choice you can rely on.

Our Surveillance Systems

Be there even when you’re not with security cameras in your home or office. Installing a surveillance system will put you back in control of your property. Known to be one the biggest deterrents of crime, security cameras give you an eye into your property even when you’re not there. Our CCTV can allow you to view live and recorded footage. They can be viewed remotely too, through handy options that allow online viewing so you can be sure your things are safe while you’re on the go. Our team will assist you in access monitoring and teach you the ins and outs of surveillance footage.

Our Alarm Systems

Alarm systems work to let you know when an intruder is on your property. They can do this through the use of security lights, which detect motion and light up accordingly or through the use of an alarm that goes off in a similar way. We can help you choose which system will work best for you through the range of alarm systems we can supply. Our experts are sure to provide the right options for which alarm system your property needs.

We Detect and Protect

Detecting an issue in your safety provides you with the necessary warning required for you to act accordingly in an emergency. In a bad situation, time can be of the essence and with warning you can save the valuable moments you need. This is especially important in the case of a fire. Every home and office needs a proper working fire alarm system, whether it’s a heat or smoke detector. Our services can provide you with heat detectors that work by warning you if you’re in risk of danger. With this you can be sure that you, your loved ones, employees or property won’t be harmed in an emergency.

Why You Need Us

Good security practice is key in protecting your family or workplace. Although New Zealand is considered to be a safe place to work and live in, with rising crime rates and other concerns, it has become incredibly important to think about the systems you can put in place to protect yourself. Here at Redline we’re here to help you make safety a priority. Our security systems are sure to keep your place secure, wherever you are.

If you’re interested in improving security at your home or business please free call us at 0800 110 294, send us a online request or email us at [email protected] today. We’ll schedule you a Free Site Survey and provide you a quote to suit your needs.

What We Can Offer You

Whether it’s just a motion sensor to turn a light on outside your front door, to fully operational advanced security units, Redline has the options suitable for your home or business. You can prevent damage to the things that matter by taking control of your security system. Our team is happy to help with any questions you may have about the services we can offer, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out what we can offer you.

Best Home Security Systems in Auckland

Attention is the last thing an intruder wants. Burglars look for calm and quiet, so they can slip in and out of a property before anyone can notice. With a home security system, things become difficult for burglars and intruders.

With a home security system installed in your Auckland home, you can rest easy, feeling secure knowing that intruders cannot slip in unnoticed. Should an intruder break into your secure home, they will want to rush out as soon as they realise their folly.

At Redline Electrical & Security, we recommend the best home security systems that will make the intruder’s life a living hell. Speak to a home security systems specialist in Auckland, NZ today!

High Quality Security and Alarm Systems Auckland

The market is flooded with cheap alarm and security systems. These days, you could even buy one from your local supermarket. However, you get what you pay for. Don’t skimp out on your home security. Instead, invest in quality security systems!

At Redline Electrical & Security, we are committed to delivering stellar results for all our clients, which shows in the rave reviews and testimonials we receive. Our home security systems installers in Auckland are fully qualified, highly experienced and well trained. They will meticulously install your security system to the highest standards of workmanship.

We take care of all your home security needs including: 

  • Home alarm systems
  • Intercoms
  • CCTV systems
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Dialler monitoring
  • Access control

When you work with Redline Electrical & Security, you are in safe hands. We only recommend reliable, state-of-the-art, premium security systems that have been manufactured to the highest standards and tested extensively by our in-house security specialists.Every security system we recommend is carefully tested by our team to ensure they serve the purpose flawlessly. What’s more, all our home security systems, alarm and CCTV solutions in Auckland are backed by manufacturer’s warranty.We take the time to understand your requirements to put together a tailored solution for your property, to make sure you have complete peace of mind and a completely secure property.Interested in knowing more about our home security solutions in Auckland? Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

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