Alarm Monitoring Auckland


Redline Electrical & Security offer premium alarm monitoring all over New Zealand. Our aim is to provide quality security solutions that meet all your needs and exceed expectations.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and affordable way to keep your home or business safe then you should consider a reliable alarm system. Redline will recommend and install a hardwired, pre-wired or wireless security system best suited for your premises.

Alarm Monitoring Services Auckland Wide

With alarm monitoring options that include traditional landline monitoring, cellular alarm monitoring and IP alarm monitoring. Every new security system is custom tailored to meet your individual security needs and your budget whether you’re a homeowner or business.

If you’re interested in an installation of a new Alarm System or Monitoring Service please free call us at 0800 110 294, send us a online request or email us at [email protected] today. We’ll schedule you a Free Site Survey and provide you a quote on the spot.

What We Can Offer

From the planning stages to installation to ongoing monitoring and rapid response services, we offer a comprehensive solution that factors in everything you’ve thought of, and a few things you haven’t.

New and Improved Systems

With so many recent technological advancements, the modern security systems available now are better than ever. Alarms and CCTV cameras have changed so dramatically in the past couple of years that it’s crucial your property is brought up to date. Redline can help you with this, bringing your security systems into 2016.

Personalised Options

Rather than picking up a generic security monitoring system off the shelf, ensure you have the best protection with a more customised security solution from our team. We listen carefully to your concerns and offer expert technical advice for a truly integrated package that delivers excellent long-term results. This is something you just can’t find from more generic solution providers.

Consistent Alarm Monitoring in Auckland

Once we install your system we’ll continue providing you with services to maintain the safety of your location. We follow whatever instructions you give us should your alarm activate or we’ll follow standard practice in the absence of specific instructions. We’ll keep track of every time your alarm is turned on or off. You can access these and all others online or from your phone.

How Redline Alarm Systems Work

Alarm systems work by sounding an alarm if someone has entered your property when you’re not there. This can be effective in preventing crime as it will generally scare people away, and it will also notify us and your chosen security company who will hastily monitor the situation.

Redline’s security options can greatly increase the protection of your home or business and with our quality products you can rest assured the services we offer are reliable and trusted by many.

Should your alarm fail for any reason, being a low battery or a power failure we’ll contact you and let you know at the earliest opportunity. This will keep your place safe even if your alarm is out of service.

Our Packages

Classic Plus

Everything included with the Classic Monitoring including a night check. So once a night, at your chosen time, we’ll check your alarm system has been turned ON and let you know if it hasn’t.

Full Service Monitoring

Includes everything from Classic Monitoring and additionally we’ll keep chasing you or your staff (all night if necessary) until your alarm is set.

You can also select an Open Time or a First In Time. This means that if someone unsets your alarm outside of those times we get in touch and request the system password from them and/or let you know who entered or even send your preferred guard to investigate – the choice is yours.

Your Needs Taken Care of

With our care you’re sure to be protected from crime in your premises. Redline offer a range of solutions that are catered to your specific needs and we’re also able to provide a variety of security options. Check out what we can offer you on our security page here.

Locally Owned Security Solutions

Trust the Redline team to offer you personalised services for alarm systems in your home and business. Our trusted team services the Auckland wide area and we pride ourselves on our ability to supply solutions for any budget or location. You can check out our great reputation on our feedback page here.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring Service for Your Auckland Home

While an alarm system is a great way to keep intruders away and you may be comfortable monitoring it yourself, there are some unmatched benefits you can experience with an alarm monitoring service in Auckland:

  • The assurance that some action will be taken when the alarm goes off. You can specify multiple contact numbers so your alarm can be handled by a neighbour, friend or a guard when you are away or cannot make it back home on time.
  • Having a monitored alarm reduces the risk of theft, which in turn, helps lower your lower insurance premium.
  • You get a clear sense of what’s happening at your property. Sometimes, a sensor can go off accidentally. However, when multiple alarms go off, it means that an intruder is on your property and moving around.
  • For business premises, alarm monitoring can help to keep a track of who enters and exits the property and at what time.

Why Choose Our Alarm Monitoring Services in Auckland

  • Grade 1 alarm monitoring service in Auckland
  • We monitor all types of security systems – retail, warehouse, office or home
  • Inspection of your monitored property for signs of intrusion
  • Well trained customer care team to arrange emergency response or patrol services when your property is triggered
  • No long term contracts
  • We monitor all leading brands and models that are not older than 15 years

Mobile App for Easy Alarm Monitoring in Auckland

We also offer a free smartphone app so you can monitor your alarm no matter where you are. Using our mobile app, you can:

  • Enable or disable the alarm system
  • View alarm and sensor history
  • Assess visitors’ activities
  • Customise the alerts
  • Set backup notifications via email and text
  • View, add or edit user list
  • View, add or edit the detected zones

Switched to Digital Phone or Fibre?

If your alarm system uses an analogue phone line for monitoring and you recently switched to fibre or internet phone connection, some changes will be needed.

Most of the time, it’s a simple process of re-routing the connections and cables. Occasionally, an IP module would have to be installed and integrated to your modem to monitor the security alarm system via the internet. This will call for cabling or a Wi-Fi connection between the modem and the alarm system.

Get in Touch

Call us on 0800 733 546 for a free quote and a rundown of the security services we can offer. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and give you more information about our monitoring packages we can supply.

Want to know more about our alarm monitoring service in Auckland? Contact us for a free, on-site inspection and consultation.