As house prices have increased, many of us have had to settle for more compact living spaces. If you are one of those people, you might be striving for ways to make your home’s rooms feel less cramped — and interested in reaching out to a residential electrician in Auckland.

Placing a few mirrors around a room and painting surfaces in lighter colours can get light bouncing around the room, making it appear larger as a result. However, what if there is little light for you to play with in the first place? In that case, you could add a few electric lights — in the following creative ways.

Let Light Flow Evenly Around the Room

If the room currently has only one main source of electric lighting, you could be left with quite a few dark spots in the shadows. To rectify this, give the room a nice mix of evenly distributed lights.

One option could be to place several recessed downlights across the ceiling, as opposed to a central single light source.

Elsewhere in the room, other types of lights that could work well include wall sconces and a wide range of lamps.

Keep the Ceiling’s Lighting Fixtures Small 

Yes, you might be tempted to give the room something as large and elaborate as a chandelier. However, going down this route would emphasise the space’s already cluttered feel.

Due to this risk, any lighting fixtures you add to the ceiling should be subtle in profile. Why not consider slim pendants or flush/semi-flush ceiling lights?

Choose Bright White Lights

You might assume that the colour of the lights wouldn’t make a big difference to the room’s perceived size. While bright white light is highly reflective, lights in warmer tones like yellow or orange can make a room feel smaller.

Opt for Transparent Light Fittings 

When lightbulbs are held in fittings made of clear materials (glass being one obvious example), more of the brightness will shine through without being hindered by opaque or dark-coloured enclosures.

No matter which types of indoor lights you choose, it is crucial that they are fitted safely. We can send a residential electrician to your Auckland home and get this kind of installation work completed to a high standard. To learn more about our company, please ring 0800 733 546.