Rewiring a property involves replacing various aspects of its electrics — such as wires, sockets and switches. We can send an electrician to a South Auckland, Pukekohe or North Waikato home to ensure that this work gets done — but when would it be needed?

Here are several steps worth taking to help establish whether your Kiwi home does need rewriting.

Consider When the Home Was Most Recently Wired 

If the domestic property was assembled no later than the mid-1970s and has not been rewired since, it is likely that the original wiring has dangerously deteriorated.

Search for Signs of Plugs and Sockets Overheating 

For a start, just literally look around those plugs and sockets. Can you see what seem like scorch marks there?

Of course, you might sometimes insert plugs into those sockets before switching them on. When you do, though, be careful to feel them. Are they hot when in use? Worse, there could even be sparks when you plug or unplug appliances.

These would all be worrying signs hinting that your home may need rewiring.

Make a Note of When Your Electrics Act Up Strangely

Some parts of your home’s electrical system might have recently started behaving in inexplicable ways. Do fuses keep blowing? Have circuit breakers been tripping on a regular basis for no obvious reason?

Unusual Problems with Electric Lights 

Given how heavily your home relies on electric lights, you could quickly realise when there are issues with them. Some of them could start flickering, while particular lightbulbs may even blow entirely.

Be Sensitive to What You Hear and Smell 

How else can you discern that large-scale updating of your residence’s wiring could be required? You should be alarmed if, while casually getting on with your day-to-day duties in the home, you smell burning or hear buzzing sounds.

Naturally, to find out for definite whether your home needs rewiring, you should arrange for an electrician to undertake an inspection, not to mention rewiring work if the property turns out to need it. Through phoning 0800 733 546, you can time-effectively get a Redline electrician to South Auckland, North Waikato or Pukekohe if you reside in any of these New Zealand areas.