New Zealand has strict regulations for the carrying out of all electric work, and monitors electricians through the Electricity (Safety) Regulations Act 2010. Infringing on the guidelines set out for electric work isn’t only dangerous to you and your property, but can also bring you legal consequences. Danger aside, there are three important reasons that Kiwis should use registered electricians in NZ – even if you feel capable enough to take some electric work on alone! Discover these, below.

  • Quality Assurance – The work a registered electrician carries out is based on up-to-date knowledge that enables them to use high-quality products, upgrade electrical systems and troubleshoot issues as they arise. They get the job done well, and in an efficient manner that will always adhere to the latest safety standard. Nothing beats the quality assurance that a registered electrician in NZ provides!
  • Reliability and Accountability – For property owners across New Zealand, we don’t recommend leaving the safety and good function of your property to chance. Registered electricians provide a reliable service because their reputation depends on it. They’re also able to be held accountable for their work. If something goes wrong, they can be relied on to fix it promptly. By risking handling electrical work on your own, or with an electrician that isn’t registered, you’re opening your property up to a whole host of different – even hazardous –  issues if electrics are installed poorly or problems aren’t caught in time. 
  • Access to Warranties – The best thing about a registered electrician is that they offer warranties! Warranties can save you thousands of dollars in case of defects, failures and potential repairs or replacements for electrical work during the warranty period. It offers additional peace of mind that’s invaluable when it comes to enjoying the comfort and safety of your home or business.

Place your trust in Redline Electrical for dependable, qualified and compliant electrical work. Experts in our field, we keep your property safe and functioning as it should. Contact us for more information on our expertise as registered electricians in NZ, today.