When you need electrical work done, whether for a renovation or a new building, you may be tempted to work with a seemingly inexpensive cowboy (an unapproved or unlicensed electrician) or even do the work yourself. Many who have chosen this path previously can tell you that it’s often a mistake. When you want the job done right, it’s best to choose registered electricians in Auckland like Redline Electrical & Security.

What Is A Registered Electrician?

A registered electrician is an electrician registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board. The EWRB works to ensure the safety of all New Zealanders by ensuring that electricians are competent electrical workers. To register, an electrician must have proven themselves by completing several assessments and exams. These prove that they understand all of New Zealand’s standards and regulations and will work in compliance with them.

Why Choose A Registered Electrician?

When you choose to work with a registered electrician, you have a higher chance of selecting a contractor who knows their way around the job and knows how to complete your project properly and safely. Registered electricians have proven knowledge and competence and are typically able to offer a guarantee on their workmanship. An electrician who has taken the time to become certified has demonstrated their commitment to hard work and is unlikely to cut corners and leave you with messy, hazardous electrical work.

How Can You Tell If An Electrician Is Registered?

Don’t simply take someone at their word. It’s easy enough to claim to be a registered electrician. Be sure to check their credentials. The first thing is to ask the contractor for their licence, which registered electricians in Auckland should have. If you’re still unsure, you can check the Electrical Workers Registration Board website. There, you can search the electrician’s name and find out whether they are the real deal.

When it comes to finding registered electricians in Auckland, you’ll need to go a long way to find better than Redline Electrical & Security. We have years of industry experience and a drive to achieve excellent results that our clients benefit from. As well-trained, registered electricians in Auckland, we have extensive experience in both electrical and security work and offer world-class workmanship and customer service that you can rely on. To find out more about our electrical and security services, ask any questions or get a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.