We know benefits we can unlock for customers by installing CCTV security cameras at Auckland homes and workplaces. This technology can be used for monitoring people and assets inside the building, and has proven effective at preventing criminal activity — but legal and ethical considerations abound.

Legally, Where Do You Stand with Security Cameras?

If you are a business owner looking to have CCTV systems installed at your New Zealand premises, heed your legal obligations under the Privacy Act 2020.

Under principle 1 of this legislation, you must not collect personal information except for a lawful purpose connected with one of your company’s functions or activities — and if the information needs to be collected for that purpose.

If you do use surveillance cameras at the premises, principle 2 of the Privacy Act requires you to clearly indicate why you are amassing personal information in this way. It would be advisable for you to put up signage informing people about the camera and who is operating it.

The situation differs if you install such cameras for domestic purposes, as this kind of usage is generally not covered by the Privacy Act. However, the Crimes Act prohibits recording people intimately without their knowledge or consent.

What About the Ethical Side of Security Camera Usage?

Strive to avoid using CCTV in a manner that would risk people feeling as though their privacy has been unnecessarily compromised.

If you want to set up a camera at home, you should first let your neighbours know. You could come to the conclusion that alternative security measures — like alarms — would suffice for your peace of mind.

If you get any residential security cameras installed, put up signs indicating their presence. Also, if those cameras capture footage of the neighbours, show them it should they request it.

Ethical concerns also apply to surveillance camera usage in the workplace, as members of your team could be led to think that you deem them untrustworthy. This, in turn, could see resentment fester — with adverse implications for employees’ performance and productivity.

Before you do opt for workplace CCTV surveillance, then, be transparent with your workers about why you have judged this move to be necessary.

We can expertly install both DVR (digital video recorder) and NVR (network video recorder) security cameras in Auckland suburbs. To learn more about how these two types differ as well as the high-definition video quality they offer, please ring us on 0800 733 546.